Ungkapan II

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To go on (terus)

kata kerja yang mengikutinya harus berkhiran ing

Contoh: He went to spreaking for two hours

Not to turn a hair (tidak merasa terganggu)

Contoh: The strange noise frightened me, but Mary didn’t turn a hair

To ask for light (minta api)

contoh: my cigarette has gone out, have you a light, please?

Thank goodness (untung)

contoh: Thank goodness there was a doctor there when you felt ill

In time (pada waktunya)

Contoh: She didn’t arrive in time to catch the train

– On time (tepat pada waktunya)

Contoh: He wasn’t late. He arrived on time.

Many happy returns of the day! (selamat ulang tahun)

Contoh: As it was his birthday I wished him many happy return of the day

The time of our lives (merasa sangat bahagia)

Contoh: With all this money , we shall have the time of our lives

To see the sigths (melihat pemandangan)

Contoh: Have you seen the sights of paris?

The rush about (lari)

Contoh: He rushed about with amazing energy

To feel small (merasa malu, merasa dirinya kecil)

Contoh: It was my fault, I feel so small

At first (pada mulanya)

Contoh: At first I didn’t like him


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